Why Should You Get a Two-Way Radio?

By Nigel Gartini

There are many different uses for two-way radios. Personal use is probably the type most people are familiar with. Children use them as toys to play with in the yard or in the neighborhood. Most of us played with walkie-talkies at one point when we were growing up. Other personal uses include keeping in touch with your family members on a regular basis. Maybe your kids are going to play at the neighbor' house and you want to stay in touch with them.

Sometimes families will use them on camping trips or vacations to the beach simply as a way to be in easy reach of each other. Sometimes people who live in large houses use them to talk to the kids in the backyard or talk to other family members located at the other end of the house. Many will hooked them on their kids bicycles so that they can stay in touch with them while they are out with their friends. Obviously, these are just a few ways people use two-way radios for personal needs, but they are some of the more common uses.

Emergency services use two-way radios also. They depend on them for communicating within their specific areas. Police departments, fire departments, emergency weather services and emergency medical services all use two-way radios. Can you imagine a fire fighter stopping to dial his/her cell phone in the middle of a fire to reach a fellow fire fighter? I don't think so.

Two-way radios are more dependable for use in emergencies anyway. They don't have to pick up a signal from a cell phone tower. They are typically not dropped like so many cell calls are. The voice clarity is usually much better on a two-way than it is on a cell phone. More than one person can get a message with a two-way than with a cell phone also. If the side of a building that is on fire, is about to fall down, you want to be able to relay that message to all the firefighters at once, not one at a time.

Many construction companies give two-way radios to workers on a specific site so that they can communicate without having to climb up on structures to locate co-workers. It helps make for a safer workplace as well as a more effective worksite. Taxi companies are users of two-way radios. They use them to stay in touch with their drivers. This allows the drivers to respond to riders much quicker and therefore provide a much better service. There are many other business uses for two-way radios. You can use your imagination and come up with all kind of business uses for the radios.

Many retail stores use two-way radios, so that customer service departments can reach workers in specific departments. Sometimes retail stores have radios available for customer use, so they can get assistance while in the store without having to run around looking for workers. Large restaurants sometimes use the radios to help the wait staff stay in touch with the cooks which helps them provide better service to their customers. Factories use the devices as a way for employees to stay in touch with other workers. Construction companies use them on construction sites so that workers can stay safe and stay in contact with each other.

There are many other examples of business uses for two-way radios. They are however, a tool that can make any business more efficient and productive. The use of two-way radios is likely to continue a steady growth because of the reliable service they provide, whether for business, personal or emergency services.

As you can see, there are many different uses for two-way radios. The uses mentioned in this article are just a few. There are many others as well. Any place where people need to be in easily reachable within a localized area, the radios are one of the best ways to stay in touch. - 30538

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