Tips for Using Digital Mixing Software

By Albert Winson

Once you have selected which digital DJ software bundle to utilize, you have to choose the computer on which you want to test it. You do not necessarily require a CPU with the fastest central processor. Such software will run nice on a 1.2 ghz central processor.

Now you have to determine the size of hard disk you desire. You do need a lot of space to store the several tracks. In most cases, you will be having thousands of them to store. So go for anything more than 120 GB of hard disk space.

You require great sound. So you should not compromise on the sound card. Install the best quality sound card on your laptop or PC. There are external sound cards available that you can use without any trouble.

So if you are preparing to make a PCDJ, you should employ a computer or laptop solely for this purpose. Do not utilize the same computer for personal use other than for running the digital DJ software.

If you do not buy a new PC for this purpose, you should reinstall the operating system and make sure you do not test anything else on it other than the Digital DJ software.

Tracks on a cdrom need to be ripped so as to convert them to MP3 format to store them in your computer. You should keep the ripping quality to be large so that the sound quality is nice.

Even if your present computer is slow, there are chances that the PCDJ software will run good on it but you should still find out its minimum requisites. These are generally available on the developer's internet site. You can also sign up for a free trial.

Your computer's computer memory must be at least 512 MB for the PCDJ to function fine. You should have a storage capacity that is huge enough to store thousands of tracks without any trouble. Also, you have to make sure there are no legal limitations on ripping music. - 30538

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Helpful Tips For Choosing A Handheld Radio Scanner

By Andy Zain

An individual searching for the handheld radio scanner that is perfect for the area that they live will find unlimited choices available. Scanners are available in an assortment of styles and contain features that can be specific for the needs of the person that will be using them.

The price of scanners can vary depending on the features that the scanners have. A person can get a scanner with anywhere from six hundred to two thousand channels. The receiving range on the scanners can differ as well. So, a person will want to take some simple steps to determine what kind of handheld radio scanner they want before shopping for one.

The number of channels that are needed for the scanner will be dependent on the intended use of the scanner. If a person will be using the scanner to listen to one type of frequency, such as the fire department, and they live in a small town, they will not need a massive number of channels. However, in larger cities, most departments have a minimum of five channels that are used on a regular basis. So, an individual living in a large town or city will need more channels for listening to the police department transmissions.

Manufacturer of handheld scanners normally pre-program channels and frequencies for fire, police, aircraft, and marine departments. These channels are contained within one of the banks that are in the handheld radio scanner. In some cases an individual will need to create a separate bank to contain these channels and frequencies if they differ from the programmed ones from the manufacturer.

All scanners contain banks. The number of banks on a handheld radio scanner may differ. The bank is a way to categorize and store channels that are listened to frequently. This makes it much easier to scan frequencies that are related to a specific topic, such as the fire department or police channels. A person can turn a bank on or off manually so that the channels are used only when desired.

In large cities most fire and police departments use a trunk system for their radios. Some scanners contain a trunk tracking mode that allows one to pick up transmissions from the trunk independently. If a person is going to be using their handheld radio scanner primarily for listening to transmission from police and fire departments, they will want to make sure that trunk tracking is included in the scanner options.

Talking to a professional who has expertise in the different types of scanners available will be very helpful. This individual will be able to explain in detail the different options and features of any handheld radio scanner that is being considered. - 30538

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How to Use Voiceover Demos to Find the Right Talent

By Roy Applewhite

You must go through the process of interviewing candidates to select a voiceover artist that would fit your project. Demo tapes can greatly help you and the whole panel in judging each candidate and selecting the one who will get the role.

Judging candidates through voice over demo tapes is a more efficient method than asking each candidate to audition and perform a voice over test in your office. A talent will be able to give his or her best performance in a demo tape as a job interview can put undue pressure on anyone, even on seasoned professionals. You just need to set a standard consisting of essential voiceover qualities when judging demo tapes. Here are the qualities you should listen for:

1. Pace of delivery. Be aware of the talent's pace throughout the piece. You will surely need a voiceover artist who can shift from speaking slowly to rapidly comfortably. Pacing is crucial in any voiceover script as stated in the book "You Can Bank On Your Voice" written by Rodney Saulsberry. An improperly paced delivery is painful to the ears and confusing to the mind. Look for talents who demonstrate good pacing.

2. Attention Grabber. A good voiceover artist can easily arouse your interest at the start of a piece. Experienced artists will put the right stress on particular words and phrases to match their tone and personality. Look for tapes that grab your attention in the first few lines.

3. Accents and Dialects. A good voiceover artist will have a certain style but a talented artist can easily adapt his or her style to imitate different accents and dialects. Artists who can speak in different accents and dialects are usually able to play different characters.

4. Rhythm. The rhythm of a monologue or conversation is a critical element of the professional and successful voiceover. If the candidate is able to capture the right rhythm, the audience will be able to remember the script more easily and even resonate with the brand or product you will be promoting. Listen for a steady 'beat' as the artist says each sentence to determine if they have the mastered the skill of rhythm.

5. Humor. Having or portraying a sense of humor is often an important element of voiceover scripts, especially those that are more commercial in nature and involve a conversation. Look for examples of lighthearted tones, jokes and humor on the demo tape; can the talent easily share a joke and make you smile? Or is the delivery strained and difficult to understand?

Use voice over demo tapes to help you judge every candidate to pick out the best talent that would fit your voice over project. Listen to each demo tape with the above qualities in mind so that you will have an objective standard to base your decision on. Good voiceover artists possess these qualities and are able to easily exhibit them in a demo tape. - 30538

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Acoustic Research Wireless Speakers

By Christopher Eyres

Wireless home speakers will give you a theater experience and you can experience even the faintest sound on your screen. The wireless speakers are portable and it allows flexibility and great convenience for your home theater. You can just do away with the wired speakers which work on a very limited area.

It is the perfect addition for your home theater and you can enjoy great sound quality. Much advancement occurred in wireless technology and now we have fast and cheaper wireless home speakers.

One of the main differences between these two would be the range and the power. Outdoor wireless speakers are usually made to work on longer distances compared to indoor wireless speakers which are made to work on smaller distance. Even, outdoor speakers have primarily powered batteries while the indoor speakers are connected to the electric system.

These speakers are with a transmitter and also a set of receivers built up at the bottom of wireless speakers stand. Base is accompanied with an AC power adaptor. Assembling of these speakers is simple if you follow the instructions. Transmitter of acoustic wireless speakers is simple and its display is like a modem or router box. You will find left and right line level inputs for audio. A green light at the front will easily show whether the speaker is on or off.

Initially understand what type of wireless technology you prefer to use and then start searching for other devices that affect the performance of your wireless device. One of the most commonly used radio signal these days is 2.4 GHz. However, it is normally used by other devices like microwave oven, wireless routers and cordless phones.

So placing them at rite place is important. When best signals are caught you get the best sound quality from any wireless speakers. Acoustic research wireless speaker system is bright and gaining popularity. Acoustic research wireless speaker system is a complete package that enables the best wireless technology with simple setup. Budget is to be considered while opting for wireless speakers.

The signals are weak and this keep further dropping the signal level. If you do not want to have this kind of problem then you must settle for a branded product or a product which has a lifetime warranty. Indoor outdoor wireless speakers are usually powered by the same kind of technology and idea which works in most of the radios. When the music is played the device inside the wireless speakers collects the signal and later converts the analog signals into digital transmitting it to the speakers.

The flexibility and the convenience offered by wireless home speaker systems are great and you can have a better movie experience. The sound is crystal clear and every sound can be heard with great precision. The speaker offers great audio room environment and you can enjoy sound in a better way. The speaker system uses wireless transmission over 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz bands which transmit the audio signals into the audio signals. Some of the systems even use 5.8 Ghz. The range of system is pretty impressive and you can use the speaker two rooms away. The system uses the latest technology and works on DVD, Blu- Ray and other players. - 30538

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The Possible Benefits Of A Radio Scanner

By Andy Zain

Whether you are looking for a useful tool, or something that can provide great entertainment, a radio scanner might be for you. I have my own memories of listening to such a device, so I can tell you first hand that these items can be very entertaining, and very useful in curing your curiosity as well.

As reality shows continue to flood television networks, we realize that our culture has become one that is obsessed with voyeurism. This allows people to become the ultimate eavesdropper.

In order to help your decision on whether or not to buy a radio scanner, you should be aware of the various options. You should also be aware of the reasons to use such a device. This discussion will hopefully assist you in understanding these topics.

With a radio scanner, any conversations using a two way radio can be heard. For example, you can listen to the communications between police officers and firefighters. You can also listen to paramedic transmissions. If you are looking for more exotic conversations to listen in on, you might also have the chance to hear communications from race car drivers and pilots.

The purpose for listening to these conversations go beyond the simple entertainment. Though the excitement is enough of a reason, you might also want to know about emergency situations before they are reported to and filtered through the local media. For example, if there is a high-speed chase or a fleeing fugitive in your neighborhood, you could get the details of the incident as it is happening. Such an opportunity would be useful for keeping your family safe. Similarly, you might also want to know details of an emergency situation involving firefighters. Basically, anything that happens in your community with the use of radios would be available to you with a scanner.

In a general sense everything listed above is legal to listen to, when using to a radio scanner. Of course, it is not legal to use police information to commit a crime. Nor is it legal to listen to private cellular phone conversations.

Depending on the type of radio scanner you buy, the expense will vary. For example, you might want a mobile model. Additionally, you might prefer a new model to a used scanner. Taking these varying options into account, a radio scanner can cost as much as two hundred dollars and as little as twenty.

As you can see, there is plenty to consider in the purchase of a radio scanner. If this is something you are willing to consider, whether is be for entertainment or safety, you now have all of the necessary information. Hopefully this article assisted you in your examination of this valuable product. - 30538

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Get Rocking Musical Car CD Players and Accessories Online

By Star Cruiser

The experience of listening to high volume musical notes while driving in your car is something out of the world feeling. To feel it much better, you need to have the best car CD players, amplifiers and tuners in place. Here comes the online shop to satisfy your demands in a cost effective manner.

Online shopping has been the buzzword today. No matter where you are located, you are away at a distance of a mouse click from desired products and services. For various car accessories and automotive parts too, you can rely upon these online shops.

Thinking of what these shops can provide? Here we solve your queries.

Full details

What all is there in the world is present on the web. You need not go to physically located shops or arrange meetings with agents to secure brochures and information guides. All these are present online in easy readable and downloadable formats. Just click once and get the details of required car CD player or any such similar product.

Technology even allows you to calculate anticipated costs of various types, designs and brands of CD players so that you are assured that no one is cheating you on the cost front.

Query solving and customisation sessions

You must have seen your relatives or neighbours using the same product and wish to get it with some personalisation and modifications. You must be having some doubts regarding the purchase of CD player. Do not think that being distant; you cannot shoot up your doubts. The dedicated team of professionals sitting at the other end will hear you and try to satisfy all your queries.

Payment modes

With shops having brick and mortar presence, you need to be ready with cash or in many cases, with a cheque. But online shops give you the facility to pay for the order in a number of ways. It can be through bank transfer, online transfer, agent, cheque, draft or any other mode which they accept. Some shops even charge you a small amount in advance at the time of placement of order and require you to clear the payment once you get the order delivered at your doorsteps, so no chances of any fraud or mistake either.

Order delivery

You can demand the delivery of your car CD player along with its installation on a particular day and date. If there is some problem with the order, the online shops also provide for replacement and defect correction exercises, with shipping charges borne by them.

Car CD player is a valuable thing to have in the sense that it is not bought daily. Once purchased, it should be of a good quality. The online shops can ease your shopping task by making it hassle free and executable from the comfort of your home. - 30538

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Live To Ride Ride To Love

By L.J. James

When I received the Novel "Iron Horse Rider" from the Author Adelle "Legs" Laudan I have to admit I was expecting a book about a Biker fighting and causing trouble. You know your Typical Biker Bad Boy Story. What I received was something I was not expecting at all.

The Novel Tells the story of a hardcore biker named Shane, Shane had always kept women at arms length and showed them no emotion, That was until he met Kelly. Try as he might this biker who had always kept to himself could not fight off his feelings for her and soon found himself Married to the Women of his dreams.

After 10 years of Marriage Kelly is taken from Shane in a Tragic accident while they are Ridding. Shane finds everything around him reminds him of Kelly, His home, his shop, even his Clubhouse. His Brother's try to Support and comfort him, but the looks of sorrow in their eyes for him is more then Shane can bare. He soon realizes staying in the world He has Known and loved is not an option. Soon Shane is on his Iron Horse with the wind in his face and no destination! As Shane rides He finds the pain he feels for his loss begin to lessen!

With advice from a Mysterious Biker he keeps running into, Shane finds himself at a Micmac Indian Camp. Shane is welcomed into the Camp by the Tribes Chief and soon finds himself becoming Friends with the Chief's Daughter Tia who has recently lost her Husband! While the two Share their pain they soon begin to feel something for each other. Is it possible for either of them to feel love again while still suffering from such a great loss? A member of Tia's Tribe is taking no chances and tells Shane to stay away from Tia. He soon finds out you never tell a Biker like Shane what to do!

I found the writing in this novel while in no way simplistic was easy to read. I also found the story easy to follow ! Adelle "Legs" Laudan describes and expresses the feelings of Biker Brotherhood perfectly. When She explains Shane's feelings while Riding you can see in your mind where he is and you can almost feel the wind in your Face!

In life we all have our worlds we live in, When something Terrible happens sometimes We cling to what We know. Shane does what He as a true Biker must after such a terrible loss, He goes out and finds not only a new life but a new World to live in for a while.

I have to say I enjoyed the story. It was not what I was expecting or would usually read but I found I could not put the book down. I think some Men who Ride will enjoy this book, While many I feel will find it a little too much of a Romance novel! I do believe almost all Women who has ever ridden a Motorcycle or dated a Man who rode one will love this Novel.

As I know now Adelle "Legs" Laudan is a writer of Motorcycle Romance Novels, She works to promote the image of Motorcycling one book at a time! To order Iron Horse Rider or other Novels by Adelle "Legs" Laudan including the upcoming Iron Horse Rider 2 go to

I am Your Bro LJ James Check out my Articles and Biker Radio Show at - 30538

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Tamiya RC Cars

By Owen Jones

Tamiya is a company known for producing first-rate miniatures of automobiles. They are famous today for introducing the world to the sport of mini 4WD racing. However, what many people do not know, is that Tamiya also introduced the world to RC (remote controlled or radio controlled) cars. The Tamiya RC car line-up has a lot of models that show the excellence of the company's ability in model design.

These are some of the Tamiya RC model cars on the market today:

Nitro Crusher - This Tamiya RC car has a mighty FS-15S engine that features a large bore slide carburetor to fulfill your need for speed. The engine also has a precise brake system that ensures practical safety. This RC car will also fulfill your need for muscle because it comes in the appearance of a monster truck.

You can drive through all sorts of territory as effortlessly as if you were driving on the roadway. This RC car has a variety of points that permit it to cruise through special kinds of terrain. It has extra-large tires that are perfect for dealing with mud, sand and rocks. It also features a frontal impact control system that permits you to enjoy steady running no matter what hazards you encounter.

Mini cooper - If you do not know what a Mini Cooper is, imagine Mr. Bean's beloved car. This remote controlled car is based on that small-but-awesome car of the 1960's. The Mini Cooper is famous for its small size and mighty performance. In point, the Mini Cooper even raced extremely well in events such as the World Rally Championships.

This Tamiya RC car features an M-03 chassis that is especially intended to be as fast as possible. The double wishbone suspension also ensures the stability and first-rate handling of the vehicle. This model is an electric RC car, which means that the batteries add a lot of weight. However, a hole cut into the chassis guarantees that this RC auto can still run very well regardless of its weight.

Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo - This RC car is designed for the latest kind of racing. This Tamiya RC car is intended to drift. The chassis of this RC vehicle, the TT-01D, is built from lightweight materials and has been specifically constructed to have a low center of gravity. This means that this Tamiya RC car will not roll over if you attempt to "drift" it.

What are the advantages of drift racing? Well, in standard bends, there is a tendency for vehicles to lose velocity. By drifting, the vehicle can preserve the highest speed and precision control. However, there is always the opportunity of something going wrong, which is the reason for Tamiya's excellent engineering.

XBG Nitro Force - Capable of unbelievable top speeds, this RC car is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with. Powered by a precision FR-S glow engine, this RC auto uses a recoil starter for clean starting every time. This Tamiya RC car also features a strengthened resin frame chassis with a low center of gravity, making it extra stable during fast driving.

This Tamiya RC car also features a very aerodynamic frame, making sure that the airstream will not adversely affect your desire for speed. All in all, if you want a Tamiya RC car that will satisfy your wish for speed and excitement, this is the car that you should be buying. - 30538

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Revolutionizing The Way People Listen To Music Through Free Online Radio

By Kenneth Johnson

Singularity through radio songs is significant to people like me belonging to the young generation. For us, the Internet is a good platform for us to showcase our talents, broadcast our belief and musings, and to express who we are. It is really not a different thing where my friends and I always look forward to new websites that can assist us in obtaining our goal of discovering exceptionally fresh talents, ideas, and concepts in cyberspace. Aside from free video sites, we are also into online radio programs and sites.

IMRadio or Independent Music Radio is one of my friend Mimi's most recent found. Since this online radio features music from unknown local bands that came from various cities in the US and even other countries, it became our group's instant favorite. Artists who want to share their song could easily upload their original music on the website for the whole world to hear. One good characteristic of this online radio station is that it is free, whether you upload your song or listen to its music.

You do not need to be an Internet savvy to navigate the website so no need to worry when using the site. Although rock songs are common than others, the playlist is composed of various genres. Surprisingly, the songs have great melodies and are well structured. Even if some songs are not written in English, you will still keep on listening to IMRadio because you will be treated to various sounds, types of music, and fresh songs. If we only knew how to play instruments, maybe my friends and I already have a band and have uploaded our song too.

IMRadio is our favorite from all online radios because it provides a communication channel where fans can easily chat with the bands. Each singer or band has a short profile and they can chat with their local or foreign fans if they want to. You will encounter both musicians that are not fond of communicating with their fans and those who are easy to get along with.

When it comes to censorship, IMRadio is not suppressed. This means you will be able to hear the songs raw. If you like metallic rock, you will be able to hear bands scream, curse, and blast their instruments. You can definitely find several songs that you can relate with since the theme or message of the songs in IMRadio are varied. One of the musicians that my friends love is Sakis Gouzonis, who released his New Earth Album which included Elohim, Eternal Peace and From the Sky. - 30538

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Buying Your First Digital Radio Scanner

By Andy Zain

The features and functions available in digital radio scanners can make the selection process seem complicated. Sales people can easily detect an absolute novice in search of high tech devices. Sales commissions can cloud the morals of some sales people and you can leave with some high-priced overly complicated scanner that leaves you feeling lost. Do some research and you will keep the salesperson more honest. If you are purchasing online, research is even more important.

The first step in researching digital radio scanners is to learn the basics. Digital radio scanners are designed to receive and process digitally encoded signals transmitted between various two-way radio systems in public use. The use of digital signals, unlike the recent mandated changeover of television to digital, is voluntary. Both older analog signals and newer digital transmissions are in use. All currently available scanners still receive the analog signals.

Non-encrypted digital signals meeting the APCO P-25 standard can be processed by digital radio scanners. Encrypted signals, cell-phone messages and portable radio digital signals are not processed by digital scanners. Digital radio scanners cannot be modified to process cell-phone messages. Prior to'94 it was possible to buy scanners that could receive cell phone and cordless phone signals. Since that date an FCC rule has required ALL Scanners Sold in the USA to be Cellular frequency Deleted (Blocked).

FCC regulations do not prohibit the sale, ownership or use of digital radio scanners. Scanners must be FCC approved, of course. Some state and local governments have laws in effect limiting scanner use in vehicles or while committing a crime. Scanner regulations include a clause against scanned use to "break existing laws." Checking local rules is advised and the information presented is not legal advice.

The basic functions of digital radio scanners are quite uniform over the many brands and models available. Buying a high-priced scanner will not mean better reception and a low-priced scanner will have as good (possibly better) reception. Price differences are often based on special features or additional band coverage.

One common complicated-sounding technical term is trunked signals. A trunk is a pool of frequencies (channels) shared by multiple users and departments. The advantage is that all frequencies share the load. No one frequency carries almost all the transmissions while others remain unused. Communication can be over any of the trunked frequencies at any time - making following the communication with a scanner almost impossible. Digital radio scanners with trunk support have built-in technology to make use of some of the many versions of trunk lines.

Shopping for digital radio scanners should start with some research. The internet is the best public source of information about any subject - digital radio scanners are no exception. If you take some time to understand the many features available before shelling out your money your experience will be much better. Your do no want a tech-heavy unit that leaves you feeling lost. You certainly do not want to pay for features you will never use.

Digital radio scanners can be an enjoyable pastime. Do your homework and your experience will be better. - 30538

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