CD Troubleshooting Can Be Done By You

By Nell Harrison

Everyone enjoys listening to music while on drive. When CD player stops doing its job we take it to a repair shop. But before doing that we can try out few simple ways of car CD troubleshooting which may save us from paying huge amount for repair.

Troubleshooting involving diagnosis and then fixing it by finding the cause for the problem. First step involves focusing on a specific problematic area . Next step would be to check if the connections are proper and the last step is to troubleshoot. Let us look at each step in detail

The first step is to determine where the problem is. Check whether it is in the radio or music player and the like. This can be done immediately by playing the radio. If the radio works it shows that there is some technical fault with the player. The speakers must also be checked if both are playing properly or if any one of the speakers is not.

Another important things is to check proper connection of power cable to the speakers. Security is also a major concern. So always ensure that if power cable is connected only to positive terminal . It is also necessary to check if the CD player does not work properly because the fuse inside the glass is blown out . So always check the fuse box of the power cable. So by checking out these things our problem gets narrowed down.

Another possibility might be due to the damaged connections. To check this, the wires can be connected to electric meter which is available in shops. This electric meter gives a reading if there is power supply. Therefore if the wires are not connected properly or have disconnected somewhere it will show no reading. The wires can be obtained but removing the player after unscrewing the speakers.

The next thing one should do for checking for trouble shooting is checking the wiring connected to the backside of the CD player using a flashlight at the back side of the dash board. If all these wiring are safe and secure then disconnect the positive cable from the battery of the car. This will put the CD player back to the factory conditions resetting all its characteristics to the initial stage. This will solve the problem in trouble shooting but you need to tune back all your stations and reset your clock.

There also appears a problem of disc error. In this case clean the disc drive using a lens cleaning solution. A drop of rubbing alcohol can be used for effecting the cleaning power.

One need not head to the service as soon as he encounters a problem in car CD troubleshooting, these simple steps would be like a initial check for your car CD player. - 30538

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