Erasing Small-Town Radio Station Limitation Problems Thanks to IMRadio

By Lilia Lukas

I live in a really small town, with very few choices in radio stations. Then I got myself searching on the Internet for online radio stations. There are a lot of options out there, but there is one that my friends and I really get excited about.

Our favorite IMRadio. We always make sure that it is played in the background whenever we hang out, do our homework, or getting ready to go out. The variety of music and the sheer talent sometimes makes us stop whatever we are doing, forget what we were talking about, and say, "This song is awesome! "

You can choose from many stations. If I remember it correctly the last time I checked, it was like 450 and I really like it. It is somewhat similar to YouTube for Music where music artists can upload their song files, just like anyone can upload their videos on YouTube.

Living in a small town used to mean that we were behind the times as far as new music. We can now listen to newest bands, freshest songs from artists all over the United States through IMRadio. The feeling of being bumpkins who never get to hear the hottest music in the country is no longer a problem.

Since my friends and I are fond of rock music, we are happier about IMRadio since most of the songs there are considered rock. Without IMRadio, we will never have the opportunity to hear this number of cool artists. But come to think of it, when you compare these songs to those songs you that you hear on traditional radio and Top 40 charts, they really sound better. So much better!

There is a few band that really impressed us and we are definitely positive that they have a long way to go. The web site has an awesome feature on where the fans can communicate with their favorite bands. Although, we do not have any intention of forming long-term friendships or stalk the bands or anything. But it is such a kick to send a message, just to let them know that we are out there and love what they are doing.

When you go to IMRadio's home page and scroll down a bit, you will see a "Featured Bands" header with images that look like little CD covers. One of my favorite things to do is click on a random image and then start listening to a song by that artist. If I do not like the song, I just move on until I find a song that suits my taste. It's kind of like hitting the "seek" button on your car radio to hear what's playing on another channel before you decide what to listen to, only the music is edgier. - 30538

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