IMRadio Introduces New Bands

By Katy Canto

I have dreamed of hearing my tunes on the radio since I was a little kid, pretending to play my toy guitar along with videos on MTV. But even if you're a real good and, getting air time can be pretty difficult.

The band that I formed five years ago has been lucky enough to be played on some local stations. Although luck is not the correct word. We have worked pretty hard to meet the right people who have been able to get us on the air. It was our bravest move.

New bands face an uphill climb because radio stations often do not put unknowns into their rotation. Usually those bands that you hear on the radio are not essentially the most talented. Often, they are the ones with the most financial backing and marketing efforts.

One of the most awesome resources I have found online is IMRadio. This web site says that it is by musicians, for musicians, and it really is. Some of our song files are now receiving free radio airplay in more than 100 countries when I registered an account and uploaded them into IMRadio's rotation.

As a music lover, I like being able to hear other new artists, and appreciate their talent. Aside from that, poets and comedians are heard on IMRadio. Then I recommended IMRadio to some of the acts that I usually see around town, particularly the clubs and it is nice to see a following build up for IMRadio.

Now that my band is being heard, we are able to begin growing a fan base, which is so exciting. IMRadio has a message forum, giving the bands and their fans a communication venue as well for the bands to communicate with other bands.

If you see yourself as a budding musician or has a band that has been around for quite a while, IMRadio can boost you up and your band's spirit and talent. You will not feel any bit of difficulty in joining, uploading your song files, have your music into rotation, and be heard.

And if you are a music lover, be sure to stop by IMRadio and join. The talented groups will really amaze you. - 30538

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