An Internet Radio Station For True Music Fans

By Julio Haselton

I have a problem listening to the radio. Stations would play the same radio rotation over and over, and they just didn't change. I get really tired of listening to the same songs by the same artists over and over. I was starting to get so fed up with it all that I would begin listening to talk radio instead. Unfortunately, talk radio becomes so boring that I just end up turning the radio off.

I always crave to hear new music by new musicians. It's important that I hear creativity and talent when I'm listening. I feel like the music industry ignores a lot of truly passionate, independent musicians. Every single time, artistic management agencies just go and pick more of the same to represent. Even music videos on TV just offer the same.

Overall, I was becoming really cynical about music and the industry. In fact, I realized that for quite some time, I hadn't been listening to any music. I just didn't want to hear anything on the radio that reminded me of how bitter I'd become towards the music industry.

My girlfriend finally got tired of me whining about my lack of good music. She went online and searched internet radio stations, and found one website she thought was really great. One night we sat down at the computer together, and she showed me the IM Radio site.

I found internet radio at its finest on IM Radio. A home has been found there for independent musician, poets, and comedians. You see, they play something completely different from the typical air play. Up and coming, talented artists are all part of their playlist. None of the comedians, poets, artists, or musicians on the site have sold out. This material is just fresh, exciting, and new. As a true independent internet radio station, IM Radio features offerings that are completely away from the norm. The website will never run out of new, talented creatives for you to follow.

My girlfriend and I finally turned the computer off after several hours of listening. However, since then, we leave the computer on at the IM Radio site all the time. We are listening to it while we read, watch TV, or clean house. It's become really easy to just kick back on the couch and let our minds wander, especially when we've become really entranced by the latest thing playing on that internet radio station. We've discovered that we are really inspired by some of the stuff they play, too. A lot of times I'll be listening to the IM Radio airplay, and I'll come up with a lot of amazing ideas.

If you've also become like I was, and are really cynical about radio, you have to go check out IM Radio. There you'll find a whole new internet radio station that offers music, comedy, and poetry from artists that are still incredibly creative and full of talent. Their playlist changes constantly, and never feels stale. - 30538

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Top Tips On Improving Your Voiceover Talent

By Lauren Hulbert

In the current climate, every extra penny that you can bring into your household budget counts. Well, an obvious way of achieving this is to harness a new career. One such career, often overlooked - but surprisingly lucrative is radio voiceover work. In this article, I want to give you a simple, step-by-step plan to ensure that you have plenty of voiceover work coming your way.

The only way to improve a skill is to practice it. However, the way you practice will make a difference to the speed at which you improve. You don't have to spend a lot of money to start. Just talk to yourself in the mirror and get used to hearing your voice being made out loud. Talk into your voicemail system or use your office dictation machine to listen to yourself on playback. You can make great improvements in your voice-over skills using these very cheap techniques. Then consider investing in some better recording equipment. You could buy a computer microphone and use your computer's processors to help you improve your voice over talent. Another great way is to get into public speaking - as daunting as it might seem.

Survey after survey reveals that public speaking is one of the most stressful activities that can occur in your life. But often if you deliberately seek appropriate opportunities and embark on these chances to speak out loud with a sense of humbleness, you will find yourself warmly received. Join the local toastmaster's club, where you will be asked to speak on a weekly basis and during which your friends will analyse and comment on your performance. Then you could try speaking out at work or social functions and notice how you are received and how you felt.

You need to take the first step - as that really is the hardest. Once you generate momentum, you will notice that maintaining momentum is much easier (not easy - just easier). You need to ensure that you notice how well you control your sound, your diction and your breadth of voiceover options. This step will be the one that allows you to apply for a greater range of voiceover jobs.

Begin by simply talking normally. Don't try to do anything too fancy at the start, just start working. Then begin to notice how your voiceovers sound on the recordings that you generate. Try to vary how clear you are, the speed of your voice-over work and the tone of your voice. Keep controlling your breathing whilst you do this.

You should also then try to vary your pace, but keep your diction good. Also change your tonality. Try to sound more gruff or smoother. Try to sound as if you come from a different part of the country. Mess around with intonations. Just try to vary your range of voiceover work and still maintain control.

Remember to judge your recordings on the basis of believablity and comprehensibility. Keep a diary or some ability to record your findings and experiments so that you learn and improve your voiceover talent more rapidly. Remember to practice consistently is the key to enhancing your voice-over talent. Try to set aside 30 minutes a day for 3 months, note your findings and strive to improve. You will be one of the top 1% of voice over providers by the end of the next season if you do this. - 30538

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Online Motorcycle Talk Show

By L.J. James

I have been active in the Motorcycle Community for many years. I've stood up for Biker's Rights. As a freelance writer, I've written about Clubs, the Community, and the Brotherhood of the Biker World. I've also been involved in many Biker related events either as a DJ or MC.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to combine all of this into a Biker Style Radio Show. A show where I could present and discuss topics that are important to Bikers as well as educate the outside world about the Biker Lifestyle and what it means to be a part of the Biker Community.

I knew it was going to be tough. I spoke with some local radio stations about my idea but, they either wanted a lot of money or they weren't interested. They claim that the "Biker Market" is a niche market and Radio Stations want shows that appeal to everyone.

In the summer of 2008, a guy from Florida called the Paisan, sent me an email stating he had read some of my articles and would like to interview me on his internet radio show, Sunday's Sauce Pot. I gave him a call and after speaking to him, I agreed to be on the show.

I did the show with Paisan and his partner Danny Dawg. It was an unforgettable show and I had a great time. I kept in touch with them and we soon became friends. I told them how I had been thinking about doing my own show. They were only too happy to explain to me how I could have my own internet radio show.

Since the show would be broadcast over the internet, I was a little skeptical. After doing some research, I realized that Internet Radio is an up and coming medium. Even now, some radio manufactures are making radios devoted to broadcasting Internet Radio.

I quickly realized that Internet Radio is more suited to what I wanted to present than traditional Radio due to the fact that I could broadcast my show to all over the world instead of being limited like I would be if I broadcast out of a local station.

The other thing that appealed to me was the fact that people could listen to my show any time they wanted to. Bikers like to travel. With Internet Radio, it doesn't matter where you are as long as you have access to an Internet Radio or Computer and WI-FI or broadband, you can catch the show. The fact that you didn't need a lot of money to start up was also very appealing. With a little help from my friends, I went to work. Finally, after 10 years of dreaming, I was On the Air. The Biker Lowdown Show was born.

The road to success was a little bumpy at first. With the addition of Chuck ( as my co-host, the road got a little smoother. With both of us researching information, we are able to share much more with our ever increasing audience. The addition of a website to compliment the show adds to the experience. The hard work of my webmaster Bjorn has resulted in a website that offers Articles, Video's, a Motorcycle Forum, and more.

I am sometimes amazed by the success of the show. Our Audience continues to increase each week. The Biker Lowdown Chat Room gets busier each week, letting listeners know they are really part of the show. Although we've come a long way, we're still working hard at making the show even more entertaining and informative for all those who ride or dream of riding. We plan on hitting the road so that we can meet and talk with people and reward our listeners with T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, and more.

Of course we couldn't do it without the support of our listeners and sponsors whose donations make the show possible. To them, THANK YOU!

I invite everyone to check out the show at, and let me know what you think and what topics you'd like to hear discussed.

I am your Bro, LJ James - 30538

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LJ James Host Of The Biker Lowdown Radio Show

By L.J. James

I have felt and been a part of Biker Brotherhood almost all of my life. Growing up around My Father (Freelance Author on the Biker Lifestyle Pappy) and my Uncle Trey, I was taught what Biker Brotherhood was about from a very young age. As I grew up I heard many stories about the fun had at Parties, Runs and Rallies.

I also heard about protests (Mostly Helmet) I heard how Bikers were the last of the true Americans. I was taught Bikers believe in Freedom and are willing to fight for it at all costs! As I got older I attended many events and I rode allot.

I became active in Motorcycle Rights groups (mostly ABATE of NY) and I did my part to protect and promote the Biker Lifestyle, I wrote many articles in Biker Magazines and I DJed and MCed many Bike events helping to spread the word of Biker Rights.

In March of 2005 I became a Member of the Mortal Skulls MC and not long after I felt what it meant to be a part of a Motorcycle Club Brotherhood. I also got to know and learn from many members of other MC's. The more I learned and the better I got to know these Men (the world referred to as 1%ers and Outlaws) the more I realized most of these people were the best people in the world, These are the Men who made and continue to make America great! I had heard many negative things about Motorcycle Clubs over the years and the more I was grew apart of the MC life the more I realized something needed to be done.

So my focus shifted from covering parties in Magazines to writing about true Biker Brotherhood. I realized one of the things negatively effecting the Motorcycle World is no one was teaching the younger generation of Motorcycle riders what it really means to be a Biker. The rules and codes of the road where all being lost, TV Show and Docudramas where teaching a Biker History that had no basis in reality. To this day I continue look up and write down as much truth of the history of Motorcycles and the Motorcycle Club world as I can.

I was getting the word out but I wanted a way to be able to speak to Bikers so they could hear my words and feel them expressed as they came from my heart! I knew I wanted to do some kind of Biker Talk Radio Show to help get the message out there. Every radio station I spoke with was either not interested or wanted some huge amount of money up front .

One day I learned about internet Radio! I learned I could do a live show that could be heard world wide on every computer and also all the shows would be archived so they could be heard anytime from the beginning just by clicking on them. I soon started a weekly show about a half hour long each Wednesday coming up with the name "The Biker Lowdown" The show started with just me talking to people about different things going on in the Motorcycle World.

Not long after the show started I was getting weekly calls from this Guy Chuck who called himself the Alpha Biker, Checking his webpage out I quickly learned both me and Chuck were cut from the same cloth and He became the Co-host of the Biker Lowdown.

Soon after thanks to the on air Chemistry and the great radio banter between me and Chuck the show started taking off. My good friend Bjorn took over as the online webmaster creating a webpage all could be proud of.

Hammerin Hank soon joined the Biker Lowdown clan as our Research Reporter. Things just kept getting better for the show.We started getting many great guests and even a few really big names of the Motorcycle world.

When Brenda Fox came on the show one night for an interview to talk about the world of Women's Motorcycling, some where about five Minutes into the interview We all just knew We had a new member of the Biker Lowdown Family! I look forward to seeing what the Future brings for the Biker Lowdown Radio Show,

But for now I am Your Bro LJ James and I will see you on the Road!!! - 30538

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Can American Bikers Unite To Protect Themselves Before It Is Too Late?

By L.J. James

There is a new law in Virginia that will ban Motorcycle Club Colors in Bars. The law, originally aimed at Street Gangs, is causing quite a stir with Virginia Bikers. The law states that Bar & Restaurant owners will lose their liquor license if they allow patrons who wear "gang" related attire such as Club Logo's or Colored Bandannas.

These sort of "grey area" laws are extremely dangerous and a threat to everyone's freedom. Who decides what constitutes "Gang Apparel"? I'm wondering if Boy Scouts are going to be able to eat together at Applebees if they are in their uniforms.

According to news reports, many Bikers and Motorcycle Club Members in Virginia have already begun fighting this law. If a law like this is allowed to stand in Virginia, it won't be long until it is passed in other states across America!

We as Motorcyclists and Bikers (It does not matter what you call yourself) have to realize fast that we are all connected. It doesn't matter what you ride, what State you live in or who you Support, we're all in this together. What effects Me effects you and it doesn't matter what you happen to think of me.

When the local Bar you and your Brothers love hanging out at is told that you and all other members of Motorcycle Clubs can no longer go there or they will revoke the Bars liquor license, What then?

This is no Joke my Biker Brothers, every month there is another new law that is aimed not only Motorcycle Club Members, but all Americans. It seems that every time the Government wants to take away a freedom, they find a way to craft a new law for our "safety". What kind of Country is this turning into when you can't wear what you want and suddenly, your constitutional right to assemble is taken away from you?

Although there are many ignorant people out there that believe Motorcycle Clubs are Gangs, that's simply not the case. Most Motorcycle Clubs are made up of hard working, honest, law abiding, patriotic, American Citizens who enjoy a common bond, Motorcycles. It's what is in a persons heart that determines who they are, not the clothes they wear.

In the past year the government has taken away the Colors of one Motorcycle Club. A law enforcement officer can demand anyone sporting the Clubs logo to forfeit it. The theory is that the loss of the logo strips the club of its "gang identity."

Grant it, it appears that some of the Clubs members may have been involved in illegal activities, but that doesn't mean that everyone who rides a Motorcycle should be punished for it. In fact, less than 10% of this 600 Member Club was even accused of wrong doing.

In addition, the Government and law enforcement agencies have been spending millions of our dollars to influence friends and ex-members of Motorcycle Clubs in an effort to infiltrate these clubs in hopes of catching members doing something illegal. Often, when they find that the Club they've infiltrated is nothing more than a group of Patriotic, Law Abiding Men & Women, they'll fabric wrong doing so that they can justify the enormous amount of resources spent on these Fishing Expeditions.

Just imagine how much better off we'd all be if they used those resources to investigate the Corrupt Politicians, the Corporations that control our Country, Wall Street, and the other issues that are quickly sinking this great Nation.

What I want to know is, what will be the last straw? What's it going to take for us to say enough is enough? We can not fight these Laws and Fight each other at the same time! We need to work together to save what we are, who we are.

The Government has taken away our rights to ride the Motorcycle we want, to wear what we want and now to go where we want! Why are we still fighting each other? When are we going to wake up??

For more on this story check out the story on

I am your Bro, LJ James Saying Time is Running out!!! - 30538

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Why Do Bikers Like Loud Motorcycle Pipes?

By L.J. James

I have been reading and hearing allot lately about people who are saying that loud Motorcycle Pipes are a major problem in the world. These groups are trying to get those in Government to pass all sorts of new inspection laws for Motorcycle Pipes.

Seeing as Motorcycles make up such a small percentage of the Traffic on the road I would say this problem is very minimal at best. ( I wonder how many cars with bad mufflers are heard that many think are Motorcycles)

These people complain saying Motorcycle Riders like loud pipes because they are juvenile and want to show off and say Hey look at me and draw attention to themselves.

The reason many Bikers like loud pipes is not to say look at me, its to say look out for Me! Many Car drivers these days are talking on the phone, texting , putting on make up , eating , playing loud music , watching DVDs and just not paying attention to the road in front of them. If your in a car an you get hit ,You may get a dent in your car, We could Die! (Nothing enjoyable in life is completely safe)

These groups against loud pipes know gathering citizens together to complain is very easy , if they ask people while they are sitting around all summer long bored "Have you ever heard a Loud Motorcycle Go By?" they are going to say yes they Have!" These groups are then going to talk about how annoying these Motorcycles are and convince these bored people how much better their lives would be if these Motorcycles where gone! These bored people are going to jump right on board!

But now ask these same people when was the last time you heard a loud Motorcycle go by? They will probably hard pressed to find an answer! Was it Weeks ago? Months ago? was it Two years ago?

There are already laws on the books in every state that say a Motorcycles pipes can only be so loud! We do not need new laws on the books that most officers will do nothing about while others will abuse !

This Country spends too much time whining about things! Lets stop and think about Motorcycles. Motorcycles prevent traffic, They prevent wear and tear on the roads, They are great for saving Fuel. They are also a great relaxer, Those who Ride Motorcycles are a lot less stressed!

If people stopped complaining about Motorcycles and went and rode a Motorcycle they might not be so bored with their lives and they would have something better to do with their time!!!

Those who Ride enjoy Life a lot More, This is like therapy and religion all rolled up into one for us! Please do not bring the stress and problems of your dull boring lives into our world !

If you are that board and are looking for something to do with your life email me and I will help you find something better to do with your time. Maybe we can find something you can do that could actually help make the world a better place!!!

I am Your Bro LJ James - 30538

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Keeping The Brotherhood In Motorcycle Clubs

By L.J. James

I wrote an article a while back called "Why speak to the Motorcycle Clubs in your area before starting a new MC?" It was about why those wishing to start new Motorcycle Clubs should go and speak to those who have come before them. If you have not read the article look it up on my March 2009 archive page on

Since then, I've begun seeing and hearing some things that worry me. I have seen many groups popping up. Some of these groups have names like Lone Wolf or Independent Riders. While I suppose the names are meant to distance these groups from real motorcycle clubs, they still resemble legitimate clubs in the way they dress, and to a certain degree, the way they act.

Now I am sure some of you are saying "hey LJ these guys just want to do their own thing back off a bit, what really is the harm in what these guys are doing?" Well that's the Million dollar Question! Exactly what is the real harm? Let me see if I can explain how I see it.

If you put on a uniform, pinned on a badge and hung out at Dunkin Donuts you may look like and act like a cop but you would not be a real cop. When a real cop saw you, You would probaly be in a lot of trouble!

Now due to High Gas Prices, The Economy, and people waking up to the fact that riding a Motorcycle is one of the Greatest things in the world, the ranks of motorcycle riders have exploded. Many of these new riders see shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Gangland or movies like Hell Ride and think, "This is cool, I'm going to start a Club" even though they know nothing about Motorcycle Clubs or the Biker lifestyle.

Shows like Sons of Anarchy are a fictional dramatization of what a group of television writers think a Motorcycle Club is. Programs like Gangland claim to investigate 1%er Clubs. Their "investigation consists of looking up every little Crime members of a 30 year old Motorcycle Club have ever been accused of and then Squeeze all the Negative info about the MC into about 45 Minutes of air time.

The concern is that you have new and independent riders forming "Clubs" with no real knowledge of what it means to be a member of a Motorcycle Club. Some of these clubs are forming with only shows like SOA and Gangland as the model for what a Motorcycle Club should be.

Being a member of a Motorcycle Club is about Brotherhood, Loyalty, Respect, Freedom, and Honor. It's not about Drugs, Guns, and Biker Wars.

In the Motorcycle Club world you start off as either a prospect for an established Motorcycle Club or your new MC starts off as a Supporter of a established MC and they help to teach you what it truly means to be a Member of a Motorcycle Club.

It's like an artist taking on an apprentice and passing on what he has learned. The knowledge he passes on has been passed on down to him for Hundreds of Generations.

Now where the danger lies is the art being taught can be thousands of years old but, It only takes one generation of not passing the right information down and the art is lost forever!

With the creation of so many pseudo MC's, We risk a danger a lot worse than losing the art of what a Motorcycle Club is all about , We risk watching the Mutation of the World We all Love turned into something as ugly as the negative, hyped up TV Shows and movies we've all seen.

If your thinking about starting a Motorcycle Club or want to join one, start by talking to local Club members you see at events or contact established Clubs directly. Every MC has its own set of rules, etc, but if you're serious about becoming an MC or MC Member, you'll have no problem finding the situation that is right for you. As I said in the beginning, I have no problem with people starting their own Clubs. It's just that starting a Motorcycle Club is something that should be done the right way and not be taken lightly. Let us work together to Preserve the Heritage of the Motorcycle Club world and make it stronger, not destroy it.

I am Your Bro LJ James - 30538

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What You Need To Know about the DeWALT Jobsite Radio Charger

By Spencer Williams

All handymen and professional workers hate when they run out of power. Battery operated tools are great, we all know that but sometimes they can fail on us. When that thing happens you need a charger. But once you are getting one, why not get one that can play music as well such as the DeWALT Radio Charger DC011.

The previous DeWALT chargers were not as good. Not that this one is perfect, but it has some significant improvements. One of the major improvements is the design, durability and music quality. So, without any doubt, when you consider downsides and positive sides, this is a good radio charger that will do the job.

After you finish using it you must take the battery pack out. This is crucial because battery pack can go flat if left inside. Some carpenters do not like this fact because no one likes tools that require a lot of "maintenance."

This stylish jobsite radio can charge only nickel cadmium batteries. This is its main downside. If you are environmentalist you will not like this fact.

Another downside is that it cannot recharge 24 and 36v batteries. This way, if you are a true professional you will not be able to recharge your most powerful tools.

One of its positive sides is that it can charge battery cells to an equally full level. This way you will be able to work longer with your battery operated power tools.

If you have, like almost all professionals and DIY enthusiasts power tools from Panasonic and Milwaukee, you will not like the fact that you are unable to use one charger for all battery packs.

The DC011 can produce around 92 dB. If you consider the fact that a fighter jet produces only 110 dB you can be sure that the DeWALT Radio Charger is loud enough and that you will be able to hear it clearly even next to some really loud machines.

As specs say, the DC011 is water-resistant. This is good and all professionals know that water is all around the worksite. So, you need products that will not break down if they get a little wet. This model has an additional protection - a robust roll cage.

The final downside - the DC011 weighs only 3.2 lbs. This is great because this allows the unit to be easily transported and handled. The radio is also very compact and it has a great stand so you want have to worry about it falling down. - 30538

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Overview Of The Mobile Radio Scanner

By Andy Zain

There are many reasons that a person will want a mobile radio scanner. Some individuals find it interesting to follow the transmission of police and emergency vehicle responses in their community. Other individual are traveling and find that a mobile radio scanner is very beneficial in avoiding weather or road hazards. Still other individuals find that having a mobile radio scanner with an emergency beacon embedded can be a life saving advantage when they are stranded in an area where there is no electricity of phone service.

Mobile radio scanners are available in many styles and designs that fit the individual needs of their users. Some scanners are manufactured with the built-in capability to send an emergency signal to police and emergency services departments. Other scanners are designed to be used both in a vehicle or as a base station in a home.

On average a mobile scanner will pick up a frequency up to 40 miles from the location of the scanner. This depends on the type of antenna and location of the individual. A magnetic antenna which uses the vehicle as the ground for the antenna often has a greater receiving capacity and clearer audio than other antennas. In addition, this antenna can easily be transferred to a home base unit to increase the capacity of a home antenna.

The glass antenna used with a mobile radio scanner is permanently installed on the glass of a car. Some of these antennas can be removed from the base unit that holds them. However, most of the antennas are in place solidly and cannot be easily removed from the vehicle.

Depending on the scanner selected, a mobile radio scanner is capable of monitoring hundreds of channels between 30Mhz and 3Ghz. VHF monitoring falls within 30Mhz and 300Mhz, This frequency is used primarily by the military, police, air traffic controllers, etc. The VHF to UHF is between 300Mhz and 3Ghz and is used by public service agencies with their two-way radios.

The scanners store thousands of channels and can scan hundreds of frequencies per second. Some of the scanners can follow trunked systems and the APCO-Project 25 digital radio frequencies used by federal, state, and local public agencies. Since the increase in terrorism and need for more secure communication, a mobile radio scanner cannot receive encrypted transmissions legally.

A mobile radio scanner is very beneficial to an individual who is traveling or living in an area that has severe and rapid climate changes. One can listen to weather reports as they are happening and follow police transmissions to avoid any road hazards. It is very easy to avoid time consuming problems on the road when one has a mobile radio scanner. - 30538

Use Online Radio To Find The Next Musical Talent

By Neva Symes

I love internet radio. Since I learned how to stream internet radio stations years ago, I found that I could discover unique musicians, artists, music videos, poets, and comedians just by surfing the web. You see, I have a passionate interest in this kind of creativity because I am also a musician. Quite a bit of my inspiration comes from hearing music that is new and exciting.

Despite the fact that my band has been playing indie radio stations for years, we still haven't really hit it big. A number of independent musicians struggle to find their audience, and it is very difficult. The music industry will often ignore up and comers; radio stations rarely allow newcomers into their rotated playlists. Air play is usually reserved for bands that have the most expensive artistic management; local bands without money or exposure are ignored.

However, my life changed within the blink of an eye. I became enormously excited when I found the website . There, fans judge for themselves after they hear the music that musicians have uploaded. It seems that IM Radio is an internet radio station that was created for musicians by other musicians. When you visit the site, you can find artists, musicians, and songs that you haven't heard before. Due to their musical talent, these artists deserve exposure; now they can finally reach an audience.

IM Radio also allows you to find poets and comedians, two under-represented groups that also deserve exposure. I've found a number of local acts that I didn't know about, and was able to go see some of their performances before they became really hot in the industry. Artists that need exposure can find it at IM Radio. On there, you can find the most popular acts based on recommendations from other site users.

My band has several tracks on IM Radio now, and I have been able to network with other creatives that I've found on the site. I've made a number of friends that are part of bands that are also being heard on IM Radio. These have turned out to be some of the best friendships; these other musicians are also aware of how hard the industry is and they can provide advice and support.

IM Radio is an amazing portal for both fans and musicians. Fans can discover new, undiscovered music and acts by truly talented individuals that just haven't caught the eye of the industry. Musicians are now able to easily promote their art and showcase their talents to the world. Poets and comedians are now able to demonstrate their talents. - 30538

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Ways to Improve Your Voiceover Copy

By Arlene Rakes

Your voiceover copy will either spell out success or failure of your radio commercials or podcasts. Your copy should be convincing enough to gain credibility with your listeners. Be warned though that writing voiceover copies are very different from writing print ads.

Peter Drew, a veteran voiceover artist who is involved in Internet and radio productions, emphasizes the idea of 'writing for the ear, not the eye.' This idea requires one to write brief and straight to the point messages, the kind that we use in conversations. This style may seem very strange for anyone who has written ad copies but developing this style will allow one to create effective and convincing voiceovers.

What we ultimately want is to have persuasive and believable voiceovers. Below are some advice on how to modify your voiceover copy and some recording tactics for a flawless narration.

1. Make sure everything is in the active voice. Voiceovers need to take place in the present time, as if they were a real conversation. Make sure the whole script is written in the active voice so that the audience can identify with the messages easily.

2. Use a windscreen to protect the mic. If your voiceover script contains a lot of words that begin with the letters 'P', 'B' and 'T', the talent may have difficulty reading the sentence without distorting it. A windscreen can help eliminate this problem and help them deliver a more smooth-sounding sentence.

3. Highlight inflections or nuances in your copy. Marking up significant words or phrases in your script will help an artist understand and convey the subtleties of your message. You need to read out aloud the script first then identify significant words or phrases that needs to be stressed. Then you can either underline, italicize, or mark those important words and phrases in your script.

4. Spell out phone numbers. Don't be lazy in spelling out numbers in your copy. Practicing this will reveal any obstructions to the flow of your copy. Read out loud each digit to see any out of placed words and edit your script.

5. Get the listener's attention in the first line. Make sure your headline is an attention-grabbing intro to your voiceover script. Ideally, this introduction is under 10 words in length and contains at least one unique statement or key point.

It is the job of the scriptwriter to ensure that the script or copy will match the talent of the voiceover artist. Each voiceover artist can project a certain personality and this has to fit with the script. Once an artist has been selected, the script can then be altered to match the artist. What's important here is that the artist voice, personality and quirks should match your message. Also give time for the artist to practice delivering the message. Be sure to apply all of these techniques to create a solid and compelling script. - 30538

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