What You Need To Know about the DeWALT Jobsite Radio Charger

By Spencer Williams

All handymen and professional workers hate when they run out of power. Battery operated tools are great, we all know that but sometimes they can fail on us. When that thing happens you need a charger. But once you are getting one, why not get one that can play music as well such as the DeWALT Radio Charger DC011.

The previous DeWALT chargers were not as good. Not that this one is perfect, but it has some significant improvements. One of the major improvements is the design, durability and music quality. So, without any doubt, when you consider downsides and positive sides, this is a good radio charger that will do the job.

After you finish using it you must take the battery pack out. This is crucial because battery pack can go flat if left inside. Some carpenters do not like this fact because no one likes tools that require a lot of "maintenance."

This stylish jobsite radio can charge only nickel cadmium batteries. This is its main downside. If you are environmentalist you will not like this fact.

Another downside is that it cannot recharge 24 and 36v batteries. This way, if you are a true professional you will not be able to recharge your most powerful tools.

One of its positive sides is that it can charge battery cells to an equally full level. This way you will be able to work longer with your battery operated power tools.

If you have, like almost all professionals and DIY enthusiasts power tools from Panasonic and Milwaukee, you will not like the fact that you are unable to use one charger for all battery packs.

The DC011 can produce around 92 dB. If you consider the fact that a fighter jet produces only 110 dB you can be sure that the DeWALT Radio Charger is loud enough and that you will be able to hear it clearly even next to some really loud machines.

As specs say, the DC011 is water-resistant. This is good and all professionals know that water is all around the worksite. So, you need products that will not break down if they get a little wet. This model has an additional protection - a robust roll cage.

The final downside - the DC011 weighs only 3.2 lbs. This is great because this allows the unit to be easily transported and handled. The radio is also very compact and it has a great stand so you want have to worry about it falling down. - 30538

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