Use Online Radio To Find The Next Musical Talent

By Neva Symes

I love internet radio. Since I learned how to stream internet radio stations years ago, I found that I could discover unique musicians, artists, music videos, poets, and comedians just by surfing the web. You see, I have a passionate interest in this kind of creativity because I am also a musician. Quite a bit of my inspiration comes from hearing music that is new and exciting.

Despite the fact that my band has been playing indie radio stations for years, we still haven't really hit it big. A number of independent musicians struggle to find their audience, and it is very difficult. The music industry will often ignore up and comers; radio stations rarely allow newcomers into their rotated playlists. Air play is usually reserved for bands that have the most expensive artistic management; local bands without money or exposure are ignored.

However, my life changed within the blink of an eye. I became enormously excited when I found the website . There, fans judge for themselves after they hear the music that musicians have uploaded. It seems that IM Radio is an internet radio station that was created for musicians by other musicians. When you visit the site, you can find artists, musicians, and songs that you haven't heard before. Due to their musical talent, these artists deserve exposure; now they can finally reach an audience.

IM Radio also allows you to find poets and comedians, two under-represented groups that also deserve exposure. I've found a number of local acts that I didn't know about, and was able to go see some of their performances before they became really hot in the industry. Artists that need exposure can find it at IM Radio. On there, you can find the most popular acts based on recommendations from other site users.

My band has several tracks on IM Radio now, and I have been able to network with other creatives that I've found on the site. I've made a number of friends that are part of bands that are also being heard on IM Radio. These have turned out to be some of the best friendships; these other musicians are also aware of how hard the industry is and they can provide advice and support.

IM Radio is an amazing portal for both fans and musicians. Fans can discover new, undiscovered music and acts by truly talented individuals that just haven't caught the eye of the industry. Musicians are now able to easily promote their art and showcase their talents to the world. Poets and comedians are now able to demonstrate their talents. - 30538

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