Revolutionizing The Way People Listen To Music Through Free Online Radio

By Kenneth Johnson

Singularity through radio songs is significant to people like me belonging to the young generation. For us, the Internet is a good platform for us to showcase our talents, broadcast our belief and musings, and to express who we are. It is really not a different thing where my friends and I always look forward to new websites that can assist us in obtaining our goal of discovering exceptionally fresh talents, ideas, and concepts in cyberspace. Aside from free video sites, we are also into online radio programs and sites.

IMRadio or Independent Music Radio is one of my friend Mimi's most recent found. Since this online radio features music from unknown local bands that came from various cities in the US and even other countries, it became our group's instant favorite. Artists who want to share their song could easily upload their original music on the website for the whole world to hear. One good characteristic of this online radio station is that it is free, whether you upload your song or listen to its music.

You do not need to be an Internet savvy to navigate the website so no need to worry when using the site. Although rock songs are common than others, the playlist is composed of various genres. Surprisingly, the songs have great melodies and are well structured. Even if some songs are not written in English, you will still keep on listening to IMRadio because you will be treated to various sounds, types of music, and fresh songs. If we only knew how to play instruments, maybe my friends and I already have a band and have uploaded our song too.

IMRadio is our favorite from all online radios because it provides a communication channel where fans can easily chat with the bands. Each singer or band has a short profile and they can chat with their local or foreign fans if they want to. You will encounter both musicians that are not fond of communicating with their fans and those who are easy to get along with.

When it comes to censorship, IMRadio is not suppressed. This means you will be able to hear the songs raw. If you like metallic rock, you will be able to hear bands scream, curse, and blast their instruments. You can definitely find several songs that you can relate with since the theme or message of the songs in IMRadio are varied. One of the musicians that my friends love is Sakis Gouzonis, who released his New Earth Album which included Elohim, Eternal Peace and From the Sky. - 30538

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